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5” Media Filter

Media filters are up to 60 times more effective and efficient than typical one-inch fiberglass filters and last up to one year. They are easy to install and come in a wide variety of sizes to fit all furnace models.

Programmable Touch Thermostat

With easy to understand settings, this comfort has an interactive touch screen to easily program your air conditioning and heating system to operate around your busy schedule allowing you to save money by programming your system to turn on and off without you ever having to touch the control at all.

Surge Protector

In case of a power outage where damage can be caused, having a surge protection to preplace it will save you money. Benefits of the surge protection include reduce loss of equipment due to voltage spikes, and reduces equipment downtime.

Condensation Overflow Switch

The EZ Trap wires to your cooling unit to help prevent water damage by turning off your air conditioning unit if your drain line becomes blocked with dirt or debris. Since your unit will not continue running and causing more damage, this upgraded accessory helps prevent extreme, expensive water damage occurring from water leaks.

Duct Smoke Detector

Duct Smoke Detectors provide early detection of smoke and products of combustion present in air moving through and HVAC duct. These devices are designed for prevention of smoke recirculation in areas by the air handling systems. Fans, blowers, and compete systems may be shut down in the event of smoke detection.

Ultra-Violet Lights

The inside of your air conditioner is very dark, cold and wet. This is the perfect condition to grow mold and bacteria, which can by very harmful to your health. This ultra-violet lighting system shines directly onto all the dark, cold and wet areas inside your system killing any mold and bacteria, and also keeps it from being able to grow back.

Air Purification System

This air purification system uses the power of UV light and Refresh advanced oxidation system to destroy millions of bacterium viruses and allergens while neutralizing hundreds of common household odors. UV kills 99% of airborne bacteria and viruses as they pass through your HVAC ductwork.